Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I have been in a crafty mood lately. I made the flowers, a hooter hider, bootie sandals for Cooper (Brad's older brothers baby), sweater and beanie for our new one, and this bear hat for Triston. I'll get pictures up of the sweater and beanie when I finish them.

As much as I crochet I have never made anything for Triston. How sad huh? So I decided that I was going to make him a hat for the winter and if I make it now then it'll get made. So I had some patterns out and was having him decide what kind of hat he wanted. He saw a bear hat Pattern that I have that is for a baby and wanted it so bad he wouldn't look at any other hat. So I quickly made up a hat and made the ears a little bigger and here it is.
He is such a goof. He was growling while I was trying to take his picture.

I made these flowers for a relief society party the 2 in the front are clips and the back 2 are headbands.

Brad takes care of the lawn at our apartment and some of the sprinklers broke so he was fixing them and Triston wanted to help.

Triston helping Daddy with the sprinklers at our apartment.

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Dodson Family said...

Triston looks SO much like you when he's wearing his bear hat! What a cute hat!