Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I have been in a crafty mood lately. I made the flowers, a hooter hider, bootie sandals for Cooper (Brad's older brothers baby), sweater and beanie for our new one, and this bear hat for Triston. I'll get pictures up of the sweater and beanie when I finish them.

As much as I crochet I have never made anything for Triston. How sad huh? So I decided that I was going to make him a hat for the winter and if I make it now then it'll get made. So I had some patterns out and was having him decide what kind of hat he wanted. He saw a bear hat Pattern that I have that is for a baby and wanted it so bad he wouldn't look at any other hat. So I quickly made up a hat and made the ears a little bigger and here it is.
He is such a goof. He was growling while I was trying to take his picture.

I made these flowers for a relief society party the 2 in the front are clips and the back 2 are headbands.

Brad takes care of the lawn at our apartment and some of the sprinklers broke so he was fixing them and Triston wanted to help.

Triston helping Daddy with the sprinklers at our apartment.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Sorry its been so long since I posted anything. I actually have had this post almost ready to go for over a month but got busy with other things. We took a trip with Brad's family in June. It was way fun.
Triston in the car on the way to Moab. We have a really good friend that has a condo in Moab so we decided to go down and explore. Triston had a blast.

The condo was so nice. This is the front room.

The kitchen was kinda small but it worked for us.

Here is the room Brad's parents stayed in.

This is the room that Brad's grandma stayed in.

This is the master bedroom. Brad and I stayed in this room with Triston. The bed was actually big enough that all 3 of us slept in the bed and never touched each other.

We went to Arches National Park and Kiked to a few of the Arches. We saw this rock from the road and it looks like it is just sitting ontop of the pillar. You might have to click on it and make it bigger to tell.

Triston had a hard time with being a little kid. He kept trying to follow Cam and Brad where ever they went. This was a cliff and Brad helped him walk out and told him to lay down to look over the edge.

Triston and Grandma Allred taking a break under Skyline Arch. He loved climbing all over the rocks.

Brad climbed up in a narrow. There were some kids playing and they went under his legs to the back. Triston thought it was great to go under Daddy's legs.

Here is triston in the same narrow.

Grandma Allred, Grandma Gibby, Cam, and Triston hiking to Skyline Arch.

This is a rock formation by the double arches that we thought looked like a cobra.

Grandma Allred, Trisotn and Brad Hiked up the rocks to the bottom of double arches.

Brad and Triston Getting ready to climb up the rocks to get closer to the double arches.

Double Arches.

Brad and Cam.

This was taken from Dead Horse Point. It was really pretty but my camera isn't the best so it doesn't do it justice.

Brad helping Triston at the edge again.

Not sure if you can see it but there is a car on that road. I took this icture to show how high up we were. You may have to click to make it bigger and see if you can see it.

More scenic pictures of Dead Horse Point and the Colorado River.

Bum shot. I had to get a picture of this. All 3 were all like that but I didn't get the camera out fast enough to get Cam like that too.

This was me trying to get a picture of what they were looking at but again my not so good Camera didn't help.

Triston Spunking. He was mad cause he wanted to do things him self and we had to keep telling him that he wasn't big enough to go off by him self.

Mommy trying to get silly man Triston to smile for a picture.
Cameron, Triston and Brad by our jeep that we rode in. Brad loved being able to drive. Triston loved the jeep rides so much he fell asleep both times we took them out. He can sleep through anything.
Brad and Triston looking over Mineral Basin. Triston really wanted to explore on his own, so we had to keep reminding him that it was a cliff so he had to stay with us. He is going to be fearless when he gets older. E.R. here we come.
In the bottom left corner is part of the road you use eto go down into Mineral Basin. My camera is horrible at showing depth and all but the middle of the picture is Mineral Basin.
Cam up on about 100ft cliff looking over Mineral Basin.
Mechel at about half way up from the ground to the cliff where Cam is. We were about 30ft up. Triston was sad he didn't get to go up with Cam.
A picture of the moon on our jeep ride the first night we were there. One time I wish I had a better camera.
The evaporation ponds we drove the jeeps up too. You can't tell by the picture but it is a cool blue color. I'm not sure what they are for except they want whatever is left when the water evaporates.
Here is Kevin, Cameron, Brad, Triston, and Grandma Gibby at Hole in the rock. It is a house in the side of a rock. They say the temp inside ranges from 65 degrees to 75 degrees year round. I'd like to live there for the summer and not have to pay so much for my stinkin cooler.

Just his size. This is the miniature horse and donkey at the mini zoo next to hole n the rock. All the animals follow you as you walk by thinking you have food. You can purchase food to give them but it was hot so we wanted to go through fast. They had some cool animals.
This was the camel they had. It kept following up around thinkin we had food. Luckily someone else came along and gave it some so it would stand still and to the side so we could get a picture.
Brad and Triston giving this awesome jeep made out of license plates and tools thumbs up, or if you look closely at Triston's hands pointer fingers up.

They had a bunch of random things around the outside of the hole in the rock house. We saw this truck and it reminded us of Mator.
Triston loved the little lizards after he calmed down from the first one running out from under a push right in front of him. It was pretty funny

Monday, April 12, 2010

Here he is in his Easter outfit. I love the Children's Place. I got what I feel is an awesome dealon this shirt and pants. He's so handsome.
All the goods that he got.

This is our Easter egg hunt at Grandma Lamb's house. He loved doing egg hunts this year.

Cowboy Triston watching from the side lines. He loves being up there. He goes and feeds all the horses that are boarded there.

What a pro? He didn't even need someone to walk him around the arena. This horse was so nice and good with the kids.

Also while they were here we went up to Dave's house and he let the kids ride his horse Smokey. Triston had a blast brushing his hair.

This is the entrance and this was the best picture we could get of Triston and Carter. Silly boys.

Jemece's sister Jennifer came up for her kids spring break and we went to Pirate Island and Triston had a blast and would not move until we took his picture on this treasure chest. But he wouldn't hold still either.

Someone got a hold of a pen and had some fun.

What a cheese ball.